About Us

A transformative capital firm.

Brookstone creates investment situations where our goals as an investor are directly aligned with those of management. We call this approach "Goal Congruency." As soon as we commit our capital to a company, our Principals begin working aggressively with management to build the company. This approach is one of the key factors behind our firm's success.

We’re focused on investing time to grow our companies, and our North American base is often used for global expansion.


Focused on aligning everyone's interests – management, capital partners. Good and honorable people. They work hard to understand your business.

Tom Gutman Senior Advisor, Anomatic Corporation

Close Partnership

We don’t take a direct role in the operations of portfolio companies, but work in close partnership with experienced management teams to increase value. We leverage our investment expertise, operating experience, as well as our extensive network of relationships with operating executives and potential strategic partners.

Disciplined Evaluation

Our team is extraordinarily disciplined in evaluating financial and operating requirements to implement growth and profitability strategies. Assisting with recruiting and opening doors at senior levels with potential customers are areas where we typically get involved.

Incentive to Build

We provide management and employees of portfolio companies the opportunity and incentive to build their business as owners in an entrepreneurial environment. We believe that management and employees perform best when they can share in the rewards and have the authority to take calculated risks to achieve their goals.