Why Partner With Us

For business owners, choosing the right partner is a critical decision as it impacts the long-term trajectory of your business. Brookstone prides itself in taking the patient capital approach, deliberately maintaining a focused investment portfolio and making decisions for the long-term success of the business. As a result, Brookstone is truly aligning its interests with those of management teams.

We have a reputation for being reliable partners and of keeping our word and closing transactions.

Transformative capital

At Brookstone, we believe building a great business is about making the right strategic decisions for long-term growth. Whether it is adding the right people to the team, investing in R&D, building new facilities, or breaking into new markets, the right investments often require patience, perseverance, and time to yield optimal results. We are aligned with management teams to make the right decisions.

True partners to a focused investment portfolio.

Our portfolio companies are not simply a number and investments are not part of a portfolio game of batting averages. We focus on making a focused number of investments and prioritize making each investment a success.

We make investment decisions based on the company, the industry, and most importantly the team that we are partnering with. Once we have made our investment decision, we work in partnership with experienced management teams to increase value by assisting with strategy development, identifying add-on acquisitions, optimizing capital structures, and helping with hiring and advising management teams.

Owners and major investors in all our deals.

Brookstone’s principals have personally committed a significant portion of the firm’s equity capital, making them true owners rather than investors of third party capital. As owners, Brookstone’s principals understand the nuances of building successful businesses and have the flexibility to make long-term decisions that are right for the business.

As major investors in every deal, our principals pride themselves in having their interests perfectly aligned with those of management teams.